(John Woods/Getty Images) In the midst of a bid for re-election scandal rocks the world of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. It has been revealed that on multiple occasions in his life Trudeau darkened his skin for ‘overly enthusiastic costuming.’ The media is raking him over the coals for the time being, but will this […]

(JOSEPH PREZIOSO/AFP/Getty Images) This week every hardworking college student and their parents in America got a slap in the face from the justice system as the first sentence from the nationwide college admissions cheating scandal was handed down. Wealthy actress Felicity Huffman received a meager 14 days in jail, paling in comparison to other sentences […]

(Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) This week the Red Line officially debuted with mixed results, certainly it has made a bad first impression. The Blue Line will be rolling out in a few years, what can be learned to improve the process? What will be the impact on local businesses? How can the lines of communication between […]

(Indy Business Jounsal) This week incumbent mayor Joe Hogsett and his opponent Jim Merritt met for the first debate on Thursday at the Hob Nob hosted by the Indy Chamber hosted in the beautiful Union Station. The style of the debate allowed each candidate to speak at length about their vision for the city of […]

(Alex Wong/Getty Images) For weeks America has been held in suspense as Democrats have promised to once and for all expose a grand Trump Administration conspiracy, and had placed their faith in Robert Mueller’s investigation. After delivering the 400+ page report Congressional Democrats were still left without the corroborating evidence they so desperately wished for, […]

(Cheriss May/NurPhoto) Tensions rise this week as Iran seizes a British oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz putting the Trump Administration in the difficult position of having to respond diplomatically to increased hostile activity. The thought of another war is unpopular among Americans, the Trump Administration places Senator Rand Paul in a position to negotiate […]

(Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call) This week Representative Omar was invited to speak to an auditorium filled with High School students– an event to which she arrived a half hour late, costing the students their lunch. This however, was not to be the headline of the event. During her speech she told the students of how […]

(Alex Wong/Getty Images) It was a rough week for Joe Biden as he slipped in the polls following the Democratic debate and faced challenging questions from his once-thought allies at CNN. Other Democrats inched up in the polls improving their odds in the bid to challenge Donald Trump in the general election. Trump himself also […]