Mock ‘n Rob

Trump campaign lawyer and former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell claims an investigation into the results of the 2020 election has uncovered evidence that will invalidate hundreds of thousands of Biden ballots and prove that it was mathematically impossible for the Democrat candidate to win the Presidency. “There are lawsuits underway in Michigan and Pennsylvania that […]

It’s a sad but familiar story. “I was young. I was vulnerable. I was starving. So I took the $20 dollars and did things with my mouth that I’m ashamed of to this very day.” But enough about Rob Kendall. WIBC’s Mock of the “Mock and Rob Show” is a lady of class, eloquence, and […]

No more “America First” in a Harris/Biden administration – especially when it comes to the survival of our citizens. Oncologist Dr. Zeke Emanuel, one of 10 advisory board members named to Joe Biden’s coronavirus task force, co-authored a paper in September in which he encouraged officials to follow the “Fair Priority Model,” which calls for a “fair […]

Joe Biden might not be the ‘official’ president of the United States quite yet, but there’s no reason he can’t get a headstart on validating concerns about his inability to make wise decisions as Commander-in-Chief. Non-President Biden announced Monday that one of the top members of his Coronavirus task force will be none other than […]

Republican South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem graciously put arrogant ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos in his place Sunday as she listed off the numerous instances of voter fraud that occurred in the presidential election – claims that Democrat don’t want to investigate and are attempting to discredit. Golly. We wonder why that is? “This is all […]

On Saturday, November 7, CNN called Pennsylvania for former vice-president Joe Biden, putting his Electoral College votes over 270 and prompting CNN contributor Van Jones to weep like a little girl who has yet to develop her ability to regulate her emotions. In other words, Van Jones acted like a typical Democrat. After Anderson Cooper reported the breaking news, he […]

Moderate House Democrats tore into their liberal colleagues in a leaked caucus-wide conference call Thursday. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and “The Squad” took the brunt of the abuse for what centrists said was an ‘anti-police, pro-socialist’ agenda that cost the party a number of seats in the 2020 elections. Rep. Abigail Spanberger, who barely eked out […]

**Mock & Rob Corporate Tip: Never Google “Tiger King Porn” on your work computer when conducting research for the purpose of writing a blog post – Not Under ANY Circumstance! Official and Important Media Report: Jeff and Lauren Lowe, stars of the Netflix hit “Tiger King,” have reportedly been offered $300,000 to film three sex […]

The state of Oregon became the first state to decriminalize hard drugs like heroin, cocaine, and meth in a 59-41% vote as of early Wednesday morning, according to the Associated Press. Just what Portland needs: rioters doing bumps of blow! The “Drug Addiction Treatment and Recovery Act” will transition Oregon’s drug policy to “a humane, cost-effective, health approach.” […]

Attention former Congressman Doug Collins (R) of the great state of Georgia: You just (CENSORED BY MANAGEMENT) the Republican party with your “brilliant” decision to give up your seat in the House of Representatives and embark on a campaign for the U.S. Senate that was doomed from the start.   Yes, “Helpful Doug Collins” has […]