Mock ‘n Rob

America is a place of great diversity: diversity of thought… diversity of opinion… diversity of gender… And yet, there is one fundamental truth upon which we should all agree: Dr. Anthony Fauci, oppressive, power-hungry, narcissistic medical expert to the stars, is a terrible person. He who is Fauch has been MIA in recent months as […]

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki cut off a reporter from the New York Post at Friday’s briefing after the journalist asked a series of questions about an ongoing federal investigation into Hunter Biden. The reporter’s inquiries came on the heels of a The New York Times report about the continuing criminal probe the President’s son […]

Are you a person of great importance and influence? Are you renowned the world over for your tremendous contributions to society? Do kings, politicians, and/or dignitaries such as Kim Kardashian seek your company? Chances are, “No!” Also, “No!” And finally, “Absolutely no!” In fact, studies show that over 99% of eligible persons on this planet […]

In yet another historically memorable display of government incompetence, the bumbling buffoons of the Secret Service have lost Hunter Biden’s travel records. The missing records for Hunter Biden, ardent crack enthusiast, snorter of parmesan cheese, and “the smartest man [Joe Biden] knows,” pertain to the years 2010, 2011, and 2013. In a completely unsuspicious coincidence, […]

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg knows that Americans are struggling to keep up with the astronomical rise in gas prices. And Pete cares because he’s a very sensitive, loving, and compassionate young man. That’s why Pete Buttigieg – “the future of the Democrat party” – is offering helpful advice to broke and destitute commuters: ‘Take the […]

We should all set aside some time with our families tonight to pray for the health and welfare of Russian Oligarch Mikhail Fridman. He’s really facing some tough times in his life, poor fella, and we’re all just worried sick about him. Fridman is a multi-billionaire. In fact, he’s got himself a total net worth […]

Indiana Senator Todd Young pays a lot of lip service to the idea of putting a stop to “Washington Waste.” In fact, Senator Young is such a staunch proponent of stopping “Washington Waste” that he embarked on an “End Washington Waste” tour in 2021 with Americans for Prosperity. Why then does Senator Young continue to […]

In an address to the U.S. Congress Wednesday, Ukraine’s President Zelensky asked for more assistance as Ukraine continues its battle against an invasion by Russian fighters. Speaking through a translator in an 11-minute virtual speech to Washington legislators, Zelensky called Putin’s invasion of Ukraine a “terror that Europe has not seen” since World War II […]

China appeared to brush off warnings from U.S. officials Sunday that the communist state will face severe consequences if it helps Russia evade sanctions tied to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Russia reportedly asked China in recent days for military equipment, including drones. In a CNN interview, U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said, “We will […]

Bad news is on the horizon for Democrats with one of the demographics they regularly exploit and take for granted. Republicans have now established a 9-point national lead among Hispanic voters, according to a Wall Street Journal survey. The same poll showed the GOP has more than doubled support in the black community to 27 […]