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It’s a very special person’s birthday here at the Hammer and Nigel Show! We will give you a few hints: He’s thrown up on-air more than twice. His greatest fears include bears, sharks, the ocean, and female TikTok ‘influencers.’ His beer bong skills are shockingly top-notch! He has more vacation days than anyone in radio […]

Former presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy believes in the importance of local voting, which includes Indiana’s primary tomorrow. Ramaswamy was in town late last week speaking at the Hamilton Co. Republican Party’s Lincoln Day Dinner in Noblesville. He spoke about the importance of voters making it out to their local polling stations. Vivek told Hammer and […]

Three Scary Nature Moments – Damn Nature, You Scary! Lions making love, bees in the walls, and bears traumatizing children – oh, my! Here at the Hammer and Nigel show we talk an awful lot about the craziness of the world. We mostly poke fun of human nature, but today we are looking at mother […]

This sounds like a knock-off SNL skit, but we can’t make this stuff up. A couple has been reunited with their cat after they accidentally shipped it to Amazon. A local couple in Utah is making headlines (and not for usual Utah things.) Carrie Clark and her husband was shocked to hear their missing cat […]

President Biden is infamous for his off-script comments while speaking to the press. He’s delivered lines such as “I’m going to bed,” “you know the thing,” and a reoccurring “…anyway.” However, it seems even when he has the words written literally in front of his face, he somehow messes that up too. Earlier today, Biden […]

No one asked for it, but it’s back again! Here at the Hammer and Nigel show we cover a range of adult topics from the trenches of local government, the disappointment in D.C, and even an Innuendo or so. That’s why Hammer likes to take a moment from time-to-time to bring the family together with […]

These boots were meant for snackin’ and that’s just what they do. Crocs has teamed up with Pringles to create the ultimate fashion meets flavor one-of-a-kind boot. Pringles x Crocs Collection is the collaboration no one saw coming, but it’s here. Kellanova announced the new line stating they are “bringing ingenuity to fashion and flavor.” […]

Cailtin Clark has had quite the welcoming in Indy! Her Fever jersey sold-out within hours of the WNBA draft, Pacers’ Tyrese Haliburton gave Clark a personal welcome to the Hoosier State, and Tim McGraw even wore her jersey at his latest show. Unfortunately, we all know about the weirdo comment Indy Star’s Gregg Doyel made […]

“Oops,” said the line man who accidentally cut off emergency services for four states (probably.) Several 911 systems went down for hours after a bad light pole installation. Law enforcement across Nevada, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Texas were notified that residents were experiencing 911 outages Wednesday evening. In this day in age, the outages must […]

Even Donald Trump thinks his “hush money” trial is a snooze fest! The left is once again taking a little bit of nothing and making it into a whole-lotta something. The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman along with other reporters is spreading the word that Trump appeared to be nodding off during his “hush money” […]