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We are BIG cover song fans! Musicians covering unexpected songs of a different genre can go so right (i.e. Whitney Houston covering Dolly’s I Will Always Love You,) but it can also go oh so very wrong… AV Club posted what they believe are the best cover songs of all time. However, we don’t care […]

New York Times best-selling author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza is calling out the left’s influence on the FBI and officials in targeting former President Trump, conservative Americans, and Christians. Police State is a newly released documentary that includes interviews and reenactments of investigations towards January 6th and Donald Trump. The movie explores the widespread issue […]

The golden arches just can’t keep it away… the McRib is coming back! Just like some of the best rock bands in history, the McRib’s farewell tour wasn’t quite the finale we thought. This time last year McDonald’s made the announcement that 2022 would be the final time the McRib would be available. However, any […]

Tomorrow is Election Day! A big election many Hoosiers are paying attention to is the Indy Mayoral race. The time has arrived for voters to decide between GOP candidate Jefferson Shreve and current Mayor Joe Hogsett. In celebration of Election Day, Hammer wrote a special poem dedicated to our candidates.   ‘Twas the night before […]

It’s week 10 of NCAA Football and week 9 of the NFL. Last week, our guys had some wins, but also hit a few rough patches. We are always transparent with you. Win or lose. “Sometimes you are the dog, sometimes you are the fire hydrant. Last week I was the fire hydrant.” –Hammer Despite […]

The Hammer and Nigel Show

Bob Knight, the Hall of Fame coach who guided Indiana University’s Men’s basketball programs to three NCAA national championships, has passed away after a serious of recent illnesses. He was 83. His 902 career Division One men’s basketball wins, 662 of which came at Indiana, were an NCAA record at the time of his 2008 […]

Former Attorney General Curtis Hill is running for Indiana Governor. The former Prosecutor of Elkhart Co. prides himself as a genuine conservative as he travels the state to meet potential voters. Hill has been outspoken about the harm of mandates in 2020, the individual liberties for Hoosiers, and restoring justice in the system. Hill told […]

Whatever happened to the art of a ‘message in a bottle?’ You put a note in the sea hoping someone across the world will open it up, how cool! Well, a couple in Australia may have proved why it’s not as common anymore. Rick and Crystal, a couple traveling Australia, were incredibly excited after they […]

It’s Week 9 of NCAA Football and Week 8 of the NFL. Last week Hammer and Scott each had winning weekends! Scott was on fire (AGAIN) going 4-1! He hit his best bet and kept a red hot October rolling. Hammer swept his NFL picks and went 3-2. Here are the season records for Hammer […]

Here at the Hammer and Nigel show we like to help society when we can. We watch debates so you don’t have to. We call out our politicians, so you don’t have to. We also try new scientific studies, so you don’t have to! A new study from Frontiers in Pain Research, published new findings […]