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Photo Credit- Handout/Getty Images Tony Katz has made his position clear; he isn’t a fan of Kim Jong-un and isn’t a fan of President Trump having a sit down meeting with him. Well, the summit happened and there is supposedly a vague agreement in place between Trump and Kim, but no details have gotten out. […]

Photo Credit-Kevin Mazur/Getty Robert De Niro made headlines this weekend by loudly proclaiming “F*** Trump!” while on stage at the Tony Awards. The comment got a standing ovation from the crowd. Hammer and Nigel argue that moments like these are only going to improve Trump’s chances for re-election in 2020. “This only helps Donald Trump’s 2020 […]

Photo Credit- Education Images/Getty The state of Indiana is investing some money to study the impact of tolling on Indiana highways. How much money, you ask? 9.6 million dollars to be exact. It’s a little unclear where the state was able to get this money from, so Rob Kendall joined Hammer and Nigel to try and […]

Photo Credit- RTV6 A CrossFit gym in Indianapolis is closing its doors for good after cancelling a planned “pride-themed workout.” The owner of the gym cancelled the event and sent an email saying, “We believe that true health forever can only be found within humility- not pride.” Following that, many members, coaches and staff resigned. […]

Photo Credit- Pool/Getty Images President Donald Trump took to Twitter to voice his grievances against special counsel Robert Mueller and the “13 Angry Democrats” investigating Russian election tampering, fellow Republican Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ), and everyone who hasn’t thanked him for firing ex-FBI Director James Comey. Hammer and Nigel get some help with the reading […]

Photo Credit-RTV6 A Brownsburg teacher was forced to resign from his position after refusing to call a transgender student by their new name. Instead, he elected to call each student by their last name, so he could avoid the controversy. Brownsburg High School stepped in and said teachers are required to call students by their […]

Photo Credit- Anadolu Agency/ Getty Images Hammer and Nigel present another edition of Great Moments in Lying. The boys sent Producer Ari to the streets to ask people what they thought of the upcoming Netflix reboot of “The Golden Girls” starring Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton (Don’t get excited. We totally made it up.) Here […]

Photo Credit- Washington Post/Getty Images Tony Katz is in studio with Hammer and Nigel. Topic of conversation starts out with President Trump and the Philadelphia Eagles. Usually, after a team wins a sports championship they are invited to the White House by the President. Back in February, the Eagles won the Super Bowl and were […]

Watch these beer-bro’s throw a brewski over a bridge and catch it on the other side!

Photo Credit-Patricia SchleinStar Max/ Getty Images Bill Clinton’s book tour isn’t off to a good start. While promoting, “The President is Missing,” the book he co-wrote with author James Patterson, Bill got into it with NBC anchor Craig Melvin on the Today Show. The conversation took a sharp turn when Melvin brought up the #metoo movement […]