Guy talks about how the Credit card industry has not been particularly friendly to gun retailors. Guy has been working with the Indiana Legislature to pass a bill to forbid credit card companies from discriminating against gun related businesses. A panel of the International Organization for Standardization voted to approve the creation of a “merchant […]

Guy Relford returns fresh back from 5 day Carbine Rifle training at the Gunsite Academy in Arizona. Gun Guy is not only a strong defender of the 2nd Amendment, he’s a strong advocate of firearm training and education. He quotes American writer Will Durant: Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance Guy has […]

As a Second Amendment attorney and licensed firearm instructor, Guy Relford gets a lot of complex legal questions. But he gets a very simple one a lot, “hey Guy, what gun should I buy?” After several months talking about constitutional carry and what’s going on at the Indiana Statehouse, Guy switched gears on Saturday afternoon […]

An organization called the Liberty Defense PAC has been making lots of noise recently and not all of it seems to be coming from factual evidence. Recently, the PAC had Representative Jake Teshka from District 7 in their crosshairs claiming that he intended on trying to tear down constitutional carry. Well, considering there’s nothing anyone […]

INDIANAPOLIS--In terms of dealing with the coronavirus, he would be doing things differently than Governor Eric Holcomb. That was the position taken by one of the organizers of Saturday’s protest at the Governor’s mansion. Shortly after the protest ended Saturday, protester Andy Lyons called into the Gun Guy Show on 93 WIBC, which is hosted […]

House Bill 1253, authored by Rep. Jim Lucas (R-Seymour), has created a lot of controversy.   If passed into law, the bill would provide a standard curriculum for firearm and active-shooter training for teachers – and state funding for that training – but only if a local school board first makes the decision to arm some […]

I have seen a lot of hysterical opposition to HB 1253, introduced by Rep. Jim Lucas. Let me try to clarify a few things. 1. Under current Indiana law, it is entirely up to a school board whether to authorize teachers (or any other non-law-enforcement personnel) to possess guns on school property. Rep. Lucas’ bill doesn’t […]

Guy discussed a new study in proving what we all know; law abiding gun owners do not commit gun crimes. He also discussed the Hamilton County Friends of the NRA banquet coming up on September 8th and the important of Senator Joe Donnelly’s vote on the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh.  

Guy dispels some fake news regarding the NRA, discusses whether the prohibition of firearms at the Indiana State Fair is legal, and invites people to attend the Central Indiana Friends of NRA Banquet on September 8th .

Tonight Guy discussed Dick’s Sporting Goods and their anti-gun decisions, the anticipated effects on the Second Amendment of the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, and the Indiana Trap Association’s State Championship coming to Indiana Gun Club this week.