Amid fire and the killing of officers, the tumult of marches that devolve into the entry by large numbers of “protestors” into the private property of private citizens by private persons without authority or excuse for their invasions, there appears to no one who for just a sane moment wants to see what is about to happen to […]

Photo Credit: Getty Images I know the reference to the Star Wars Bar Scene is probably overworked these days, even though that feat of cinematic magic still describes the ever-growing gaggle of kooks and miscreants infecting the airwaves and print media alike.  Babbling with ever-more vitriol and venomous poison aimed at everyone with whom they […]

Photo Credit: Getty Images We face a moment in the tide of civilizational potential where all bets appear to be off, and the march of Democracy appears to be on the precipice of a true cataclysm.  To try to even begin to track, study and comprehend what the various genres of socialism have wrought is […]

Photo Credit: Getty Images The last few weeks—well really the last few years—have been replete with charges, allegations, innuendos and an occasional fabrication of assault.  And for a thousand years the word has been identified as “an unconsented to and unprivileged touching (actually, when the contact is made it becomes a battery), a rude or […]

It is of great interest to those of us who are caught up in the intrigues, the tantrums and the derangement syndromes of this election cycle to identify not just who is doing the screeching, but who is listening to it as well. This past week the Congress’ clown in residence, Maxine Waters, has gone […]

With the advent of the first holiday of autumn, the subtle little changes that portend the fall are all around us.  And that provides welcome diversion from workaday issues and even helps to conceal the ominous signs of the collapse of our American society as we still know it today.  It is not my intention […]

(SOPA Images/Getty Images) Greg Garrison asserts the actions of the left in Charlottesville once again prove they are the party of hate.

In most of the civilized world, at least where there exists a modicum of free expression and idea exchange, one may take issue with the opinions and utterances of others without implying at the same time that those with whom we disagree must be censored from saying what we don’t like or that with which […]