Republican Senator Ted Cruz earned praise on Twitter this week for destroying the platform’s CEO Jack Dorsey during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on social media censorship Tuesday. The exchange between Cruz and Dorsey marked the GOP lawmaker’s second brutal attack against the tech giant. During the hearing, Senator Cruz read statements from the Carter Baker Commission on […]

How does former First Lady Michelle Obama not have back, neck, and posture issues? We ask because it is nothing short of extraordinary that a 56-year-old woman could walk around with a chip on her shoulder 24/7 and not develop musculoskeletal challenges. More specifically, Michelle Obama has a big, fat “racism” chip on her shoulder. […]

Tennessee State Representative John Deberry, a Democrat from Memphis, has no patience for the perpetually oppressed generation of demonstrators across the country who are rioting and committing acts of violence in the name of so-called “social justice. The Representative delivered a blistering speech on August 12 as lawmakers debated a bill to increase penalties for […]

Angry and uninformed protesters surrounded Sen. Rand Paul (R–Ky.) and his wife, Kelley Paul Thursday night, hurled insults and threats, attempted to attack them with a bike, and demanded that the Senator say Breonna Taylor’s name. Violent and intimidating? Absolutely. But in the end, it’s just members of the new Democrat party doing their usual […]

What’s a U.S. election season these days without a little censorship of conservatives by angry fascists pretending to fight fascism? So-called “progressives” – a term which frequently defines individuals with a non-functioning pre-frontal cortex – are on track to lose yet another election in 2020. They’re very worried about that too. They’re so worried, in […]

Little Donnie Lemon is just heartsick about all the rioting taking place in the streets of America – just SICK. But WHY is Dondon upset about cities burning to the ground? Is it the loss of life and livelihood? Is it concern for the families that are trapped in apartment buildings that were set on […]

Liberty University has one heck of a compensation and benefits plan! They even offer a competitive severance package for men who resign after watching their wives engage in adult cuddling with the pool boy! Jerry Falwell Jr. is allegedly set to receive roughly $10.5 million from Liberty University following his “resignation” from the gig. Editor’s […]

In yet another skull-hammering display of Left Coast judicial idiocy, the California Supreme Court Monday overturned convicted murderer Scott Peterson’s death sentence. In an automatic appeal that was first filed with the Supreme Court in 2012, the court found that potential jurors were dismissed erroneously, in part because they expressed general objections to the death […]

Hillary Clinton, prolific face of failed campaigns for Presidency, says Joe Biden could win the White House in November if he promises to do just one thing: don’t concede under any circumstances. “Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances because I think this is going to drag out, and eventually, I do believe he […]

Affairs, sleaze, and gay pool boys who like to sleep with women! It’s all happening on this season’s most exhilarating TRUE LIFE soap opera: “The Jerry Falwell, Jr. Pantless Variety Hour.” Today’s episode, “You Resigned, Nuh-Uh!” features a special guest appearance from the spokesperson for Liberty University! Liberty University: “Jerry Falwell Jr. has resigned!” Jerry […]