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In case you haven’t heard, the ‘Lone Star State’ is suing four other states and it’s getting serious.

The Texas lawsuit against Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Georgia say the states didn’t follow the constitution in their electoral laws; therefore, we shouldn’t be taking a look at their electors.

Many people have backed the Texas lawsuit including 106 members of Congress and several states.

Others have challenged the suit, like Chip Roy (R, TX) saying it’s an opposition of federalism. A valid point and one we should consider.

One person we shouldn’t listen to is Mitt Romney. Romney has been vocal about his opposition to the lawsuit, mostly because he just hates Trump. We know the media loves a politician who hates Trump, so naturally they’ve been using the Republican to their advantage.

“I reject any media that utilizes Mitt Romney to lecture us. They HATED Mitt Romney. They tried to destroy Mitt Romney. The only reason they use him now is because he disagrees or doesn’t like or hate Donald Trump. These are the realities.”  

This Texas lawsuit may not have a fighting chance, but is one we should look at from all angles. However, Romney’s opinion/lectures can take a seat.