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STATE WIDE–Jim Merritt spent 30 years representing Indianapolis and Carmel in the General Assembly. He believes his next move in politics should be a move to the big chair. He wants to be governor.

“I have a lot of interest in running for governor in 2024,” said Merritt, on WISH TV’s All INdiana Politics.

Merritt said he believes his experience in the legislature qualifies him, as does being a business owner. Merritt also listed his run for mayor of Indianapolis as a point of qualification. He lost that election to Democrat incumbent Joe Hogsett.

“I really feel like I can be a part of the future of Indianapolis and Indiana. Politics is in my blood.”

Merritt said that since he is leaving the Senate, he is focusing on issues he believes are intergal to the future of Indiana. He said he is writing a book on mental illness, called “Overwhelmed”, and is also starting a podcast, on which he promises to explore that issue and medical marijuana.

While he did not say he is in favor of Indiana passing medical marijuana, he did say he believes there should be research.

“I’m going to be offering solutions to all those ills that are attacking our city and our state now,” he said.