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You would think that sharing a name with an evil dictator who was responsible for the deaths of more than six-million Jews would be a hindrance to a career in politics. You would also be wrong.

A man by the name of Adolf Hitler Uunona just secured a victory in regional elections in Namibia, South Africa.

Namibia is a former German colony located in the northwest region of the continent.

Uunona beat his opponent by 1,196 votes to 213 in the race for local councilor in Ompundja, a constituency in the Oshana region.

Uunona told a German tabloid that his father named him without realizing the connotations.

“As a child, I saw it as a totally normal name,” Uunona said. “Only as a teenager did I understand that this man wanted to conquer the whole world.”

Editor’s Note: We don’t know exactly how much paperwork is involved if you want to change your legal name in Nambia, but if your name is Adolf Hitler, it’s probably worth the time investment.

Uunona apparently told that a reporter that he believed it was too late to change his name, so he just goes by “Adolf.”

Editor’s Note: Check your pulse, Mr. Uunona. Do you still have one? If so, we assure you there’s time.

We’ve officially hit peak 2020, folks.