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BRAZIL, Ind.–Police are negotiating with a man who has been holed up in the Best Western motel south of I-70 near Brazil, since 10 Thursday morning.

State police did not identify the man, but Sgt. Matt Ames told Network Indiana affiliate 95.5 The Legend, that police were trying to arrest the man on a warrant, when he pointed a gun at them, then went in the motel and wouldn’t come out. The man also had hostages and expressed how serious he was about not being arrested.

“Officers immediately evacuated the entire motel for everyone’s safety. During the course of the negotiations, the suspect did fire a shot through the door,” said Ames.

The two hostages were a woman and a child.

“There were some good negotiations done by the Terre Haute Police Dept., and they were able to get both of those individuals out of that room,” said Ames.

It was unclear what relationship, if any, the hostages had to the man.

Ames said they were continuing to talk with the man to try and end the situation peacefully.