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Hi friend.

Are you an unemployed, alcoholic, homeless person who TOTALLY had his crap together before the government “saved your life” by destroying it?

If so, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans were pushed to the brink of suicide in 2020 in order to protect them from the Coronavirus. Several of them caught the virus anyway and never even knew they had it. Bully!

Fortunately, the benevolent federal government gave us all $1,200 to cover food, clothing, housing, medicine, phone service, car payments, soap, and toilet paper for six months. Who knows where the country would have been without that?

Look on the bright side: the vaccines are coming! And with any luck, you’ll be able to get your hands on a dose of it by 2022!

Hey, at least it’s the holiday season. Soon, we’ll all be together with family and friends to celebrate the worst year in several decades. We’ll be doing it in physical isolation via Zoom, but yay!

Meanwhile, Hammer and Nigel Records is doing its part to bless your broke ass with their latest holiday album: “An Unemployed Christmas.”

Click below to enjoy!