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STATEWIDE — What’s your retirement dream? A rocking chair on a porch with grandchildren running around, or white sands and a crystal blue ocean view down south, or maybe just growing old with a loved one?

Whatever the vision, if you plan properly the pandemic shouldn’t slow you down.

When people begin to financially plan for retirement, they plan for things that are unknown at the time, said Brian Singer, CEO of Singer Financial. So, pandemic or not, he says to expect the best, prepare for the worst, and capitalize on what comes.

“When people have a clear understanding of what degree of risk they’re open to taking, or how risk-averse they might be, and they know that their plan and their portfolio is aligned with that, then those people are making that journey through times that are a little bit challenging with a high degree of confidence,” Singer said that’s the mission of financial planning.

He said he does think people have been laying low a little bit, but as far as finances go he hasn’t seen the pandemic have a negative impact on retirees. He said even in his office he didn’t get a lot of clients calling seeming overly worried or stressed about their finances because of the pandemic.

“While there are a lot of things that feel like they’re out of our control,” he said. “You are in control of choices that you make and decisions that you make.”