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“Censorship is alive and well,” says a former New York Times journalist whose three-part booklet series, “Unreported Truths about COVID-19 and Lockdowns,” was blocked by Amazon Tuesday.

Alex Berenson, who has emerged as a strong critic of the government’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic, tweeted Tuesday night that Amazon had obstructed the publication of the ebook and paperback versions of his book.

He then later tweeted that the retail giant had ‘backed down’, sharing images of an email from Kindle saying the book was ‘now live and available’ on the platform.

“There’s a very serious issue with the big tech companies actively censoring content that does not follow the mainstream narrative,” Alex Berenson told the Hammer and Nigel Show Wednesday.

Berenson, who has been labeled a “conspiracy theorist” by those who don’t share his views, told us that “Unreported Truths” is backed by legitimate data that is both public and widely available.

The author’s goal is to answer crucial questions about COVID-19 and provide a counterweight to the mainstream hysteria about the virus.

Berenson: “We are treating this like it’s a once in a century public health emergency when in reality – yes, it’s a serious virus and we need to make sure the hospitals aren’t being overrun – but when you look at who this is really affecting, we should be able to continue to function normally as a society. But we’ve treated this as if it’s the end of society.

Berenson says much of what has been suggested or mandated by the government and public health officials has not proven to work in the case of a respiratory virus.

Berenson: “So it’s not a matter of whether of you agree with me or not. This information is publicly available and we should be able to have these discussions, investigate and question the data, and not be banned by publishing platforms or labeled as “conspiracy theorists.”

In his interview with the Hammer and Nigel Show, Berenson shared some of the most common misbeliefs about the Coronavirus pandemic, what is fact versus fiction, and how we should protect ourselves without shutting down the entire country.

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