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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Krogers across the state are limiting quantities of paper towels and cleaning products.

Toilet paper, paper towels, and cleaning products are limited to two packages per customer. Only two Krogers in central Indiana are limiting customers to one package per trip.

Kroger officials want to reassure customers there’s plenty of product in the supply chain. But they thought it would be wise to be proactive and put the policy in place now.

Employees started planning for the holidays months ago. Special sales will be going throughout the season and there’s also a push to add more associates to various stores.

Kroger is encouraging customers to order items early, whether using the website or the Kroger app. For those worried about shopping in-store, a curbside option is available through the app, Instacart can bring groceries right to your home or there’s the option of Kroger Ship. The store can send grocery items from distribution centers directly to a customer’s home.

The largest retailer in the country, Walmart, is now saying they have lots of empty shelves at stores throughout the U.S. They’re reporting shortages of toilet paper and cleaning products, claiming supply chains have not kept up with rising demand, which makes those items harder to stock in certain locations with sharp spikes in new COVID-19 cases.

Walmart doesn’t have a policy on purchase limits for customers like Kroger. Store managers do have the authority to change that based on specific needs.

Kroger officials want to encourage customers to only buy what you need. This helps reduce the potential for food waste if shoppers discover they bought too much.