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Great news, America! The radical left has found an all-new way to ruin the holiday season: using a deadly disease to cancel festive gatherings.

Thanks a lot, lefties! What’s the problem? The reality of a Harris/Biden administration wasn’t enough of a groin kick to conservatives already?

Clearly you political party poopers have failed to see the upside in mass gatherings amid an uncontrollable rise in COVID-19 infections, so let us spell it out for you: viral assassination.

You all know there’s somebody in your family you’d like to see taken out by the Coronavirus. Hosting Thanksgiving at your place and coughing all over the food prior to that guests’ arrival was your best chance to inflict harm under the guise of, “The election is over. Let’s bury the hatchet now and be friendly!”

Pro-level move there, chief!

Anyway, Hammer and Nigel Records has taken the “LIBERTY” – something you shut-in proponents clearly despise – to redo some of the holiday classics for the Coronavirus season.