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CNN’s Chris Cuomo had a temporary moment of sanity in November when he admitted what conservatives have known all along: cable news networks manipulate their viewers “based on who’s in power.”

“State TV’s got some new competition, Anderson; it’s going to be very interesting to see how the narrative unfolds. For people like us, we do the job based on who’s in power. But this is going to be very interesting,” Cuomo told Anderson Cooper on Monday night, referring to Fox News as “State TV.”

Later in his monologue, Cuomo went on yet another rant targeting Republicans, even acknowledging, “Yeah. You are being targeted.” He stated:

“So how do Republicans in Washington justify saying, ‘Well, there were questions.’ Has (sic) any one of them given you proof to back em up? None. ‘Well, we should let the process play out.’ First, they want to play a victim. You know, when you say, ‘Remember them,’ I say, ‘Remember them.’ They say, ‘Ooh! He’s targeting us.’ Yeah.  You are being targeted. But not because you’re victims. Because you’re victimizing the rest of us!”

Quite the angry gorilla, don’t you think?

Cuomo accused Republicans of living in a “perverse reality” while urging his viewers to “remember them.”

Cuomo said:

“And people must remember and hold you to account when Trump is no longer there, to somehow, in your perverse reality, spread the sunshine on you. You know, this time is supposed to be for Biden to get up to speed. And, you know, the need for that is unique right now. And yet the Trumpers are keeping Biden back, with so many in this country literally dying from a lack of leadership. And by the way, while they’re saying let the process play out, they’re not doing anything with their own legislative process to give you relief, are they? Why not. Remember what they did for Trump and remember what they didn’t do for you.”

Cuomo’s admission follows President Trump’s repeated attacks on CNN as “fake news” for its coverage of his administration.