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The NCAA is considering the city of Indianapolis as the location to host the entire March Madness basketball tournament in 2021 – a decision that would bring 68 men’s college basketball teams to the state’s capital and providing a much-needed economic boost for struggling businesses in the Circle City.

NCAA officials confirmed to CNN that they are in preliminary discussions with the city and state to find a single site for all the teams, but Indianapolis has hosted parts of the tournament before. This season, they were scheduled to host the Final Four from April 3-5, 2021.

“We have learned so much from monitoring other successful sporting events in the last several months, and it became clear it’s not feasible to manage this complex championship in so many different states with the challenges presented by the pandemic,” NCAA Senior Vice President of Basketball Dan Gavitt said Monday in an NCAA news release.

Back in August, the men’s basketball selection committee chairman Mitch Barnhart declared the NCAA would do what it takes to host March Madness in 2021.
“We will absolutely do all we can do, whatever assets, whatever resources, whatever it takes, to try and give our young people the chance to play the game they love,” Barnhart said.
What do you say we work on yanking some of that plywood off down before NCAA officials come for a visit? It’s not a good look – but then, neither is having Joe Hogsett as a mayor. We’ll just have to hope for the best.
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