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STATEWIDE–There have been unusually warm temperatures at times this month in Indiana, but that won’t be the case this week.

“We’re getting to that time of year where wind chill comes into play, so even though it may be 51 degrees out there (in Indianapolis on Monday), it may feel a lot colder than that. It may be a little bit cooler as you go further north to places like South Bend, Kokomo, Fort Wayne, etc. Then it will probably be warmer as you go further south in places like Bloomington, Vincennes, and Seymour,” said Jason Puma, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Indianapolis.

Puma says the state will experience dry weather with high temperatures in the 40s throughout the week. He also says you don’t have to worry about snow…yet.

“It looks like, essentially, strong jet stream winds are going to keep all of the cold air really bottled up north, so no snow this week at this time,” said Puma. “We’ll have some pleasant fall weather. It won’t be too hot and not too cold. Then it will be slightly above normal as we get to the later part of the work week.”

Puma said the next chance for rain isn’t likely until this weekend at the earliest.

All of southern Indiana is drought-free, but there are parts of central and northern Indiana still either “abnormally dry” or in “moderate drought,” according to the U.S. Drought Monitor.

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