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The turkey is cooked, the table is set, and you’re on your second glass of wine, laughing and enjoying the peace that comes with the day of giving thanks.

*insert buzzer sound


Dr. William Schaffner appeared on CNN to discuss the absolute danger you’d personally be putting your grandma in if you have thanksgiving this year.

Holidays are not a time to come together, it’s a time of separation- obviously.

Thanksgiving already gets the short end of the stick when it comes to holidays, so why not just skip it?

“Less is more this thanksgiving. It is the COVID thanksgiving. We don’t want to give the virus while we are giving thanks.”

First off, less of anything on Thanksgiving is a terrible idea, unless it has to do with the small talk with the extreme political family member.

Secondly, if anything is going to get us through 2020 it is lots and lots of comfort food and family.

Bottom line: This year Tony is thankful for freedom and the right to be with his family this holiday season, which is exactly what he intends to do.