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INDIANAPOLIS–Some of the Kids at Riley Children’s Health are spending the holidays there, in the hospital, and toys can help them feel better about it, says Ann Hannon, head of the Riley Cheer Guild. They have a top 5 list for toy donations and this year the hospital is asking that you donate online, on the Riley wish list on Amazon.

“They can choose the items that we are most in need of and ship them directly to us for free,” said Hannan.

LISTEN: Ann Hannan talks donations to the kids at Riley.

You can find that on Amazon by searching for “Riley Top Five” or “Riley Toy Room”.

You can still make an in-person donation, though because of the pandemic, you can’t just show up with donations in the lobby. Hannan said you must call ahead to arrange a pick-up at 317-944-8705.

The top five list includes baby dolls, big cars and trucks, craft kits of all types, for all ages, and toys that are appropriate for babies and toddlers.

“The most top-requested item that we are out of right now are play dough sets. This is something that children of all ages, including my age, enjoy,” said Hannan.

One item has been taken off the top five list, because of generosity. They put out word that kids needed Barbie dolls.

“Within two days we received orders placed for over 2,500 Barbies, well over enough to stock us for an entire year. And, we are so grateful,” said Hannan.

She said the kids and the staff at the hospital appreciate understanding about the arrangement for donating, and appreciate the generosity.

“Riley Hospital for Children is a special place, especially around the holidays. We are grateful to have the ability to share joy with our patients and their families. Toy donations help make that happen.”