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FISHERS, Ind. — (WISH) — Positive coronavirus cases are rising in Fishers. In fact, the Fishers Health Department COVID community risk rating is now at level 4, which is severe.

“Cases are rapidly rising at a rate that is unsustainable. At a rate that means it is spreading rapidly and widely throughout our community. It’s spreading among all age groups. So, we expect that we will see a definite rise in mortality, and some of the other more serious consequences as well. So, it’s very important that we get ahead of this,” said Monica Heltz, Public Health Director for Fishers Health Department.

That’s why Fishers Health Department now has new COVID recommendations. Including avoiding gatherings in homes, workplaces and churches.

They’re also recommending public health orders that include the cancellation of school-sponsored extracurricular activities, like sports.

They’re asking for one spectator per participant at sporting events.

“Our goal is to preserve education for our students and maintain that level of educational service. Schools are communal settings, so we know that each interaction that people have outside of the school is going to continue the spread of this virus. What we’d really like people to do is limit all of those outside of school interactions,” said Heltz.

Fishers Mayor Scott Fadness said it’s all about protecting Fishers residents.

“These are not easy times. There are passionate people on both sides of this issue. What we’re trying to do is take data, take science, take the information that’s presented to us. Understand our community, and plot a course accordingly. I think that’s what we’re attempting to do. It’s what we’ve done since last spring, when we created our health department,” he said.

The Board of Health will vote on these recommendations on Friday.

Heltz said they’re taking an educational approach, but if passed, Heltz said they will have a team go to establishments and let them know about the new rules.

Here is a breakdown of the specific recommendations, provided by the City of Fishers:

Recommendations for the general population

  • Avoid gatherings in homes, workplaces, churches
  • Stay at home except for essential services (i.e. school, work, healthcare, and groceries)Utilize curbside delivery, carryout services and/or home delivery
  • Work from home if possible
  • Increase sanitation protocols
  • Gyms and retail establishments should have special hours for high-risk individuals
  • Mask up; distance; sanitize

Recommendations for schools

  • 5 Core requirements for Orange and Red
  • All school-sponsored extracurriculars canceled in Red
  • Enforcement via environmental inspections by FHD
  • One case in a class quarantines the entire class

Public Health Order:


  • Cancellation of school-sponsored extracurricular activities-

Restaurants / Bars

  • No bar seating – patrons must sit at designated tables
  • No more than 8 people at a table
  • Masks must be worn at restaurants until food arrives, however can be temporarily removed for drinking beverages before food arrives

Entertainment Facilities

  • Confined entertainment spaces: No more than 8 in group

Social Gatherings (incl. Banquet Halls, Conference Centers)

  • Indoors: 10 maximum
  • Outdoors: 25 maximum
  • 1 spectator per participant at sporting events

Mask Mandate Modification

  • Masks must be worn at restaurants until food arrives, however can be temporarily removed for drinking beverages before food arrives
  • In addition to the potential implementation of the public health orders, the Fishers Health Department asks all residents to make Every Action Count. Every Action Counts in the fight against COVID-19. We’re counting on you to make a difference. Every time you wear your mask. Every time you attend virtual meetings. And every time you keep your distance—your choices help keep everyone healthy.
  • Wear a mask



    No outside visitors to your household

The City of Fishers has a COVID-19 hotline. Call 317-595-3211 if you have questions or need assistance. Open Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.