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It’s a sad but familiar story.

“I was young. I was vulnerable. I was starving. So I took the $20 dollars and did things with my mouth that I’m ashamed of to this very day.”

But enough about Rob Kendall.

WIBC’s Mock of the “Mock and Rob Show” is a lady of class, eloquence, and intelligence. She’s also hot, which makes easy work for a boudoir photographer.

Boudoir Photo Shoot: A boudoir photoshoot involves a woman having a professional photographer take photos of her in various poses and various pieces of lingerie.

Mock participated in a boudoir photoshoot approximately 10 years ago, and the photos allegedly live “somewhere” on the internet.

Mock broke listeners’ hearts Wednesday by informing co-host Rob Kendall that no one will EVER discover her naughty pictures online no matter how many Google searches they conduct.

That’s why we used Bing to find them instead.


Click below to hear Mock’s full explanation of her boudoir photoshoot experience and why she says ALL women should do it at least once.

In other news, Rob Kendall has announced he is attending night school to become a professional photographer.