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Just because you’re dead doesn’t mean you can’t fulfill your civic duty and vote for the candidate of your choice on Election Day.

Case in Point: Rosemarie Hartle of Las Vegas.

Rosemarie hasn’t been feeling so great lately. In fact, she’s dead. You can’t cure that with Tylenol.

Rosemarie died in 2017 at age 52, but her husband, Kirk Hartle, told I-Team 8 in Las Vegas that a ballot for his deceased wife was issued and later received by the county.

Further, Kirk claims the ballot never came to his house.

Rosemarie’s ballot was issued on Oct. 9. It was returned the day before Election Day, according to BallotTrax, the system Clark County uses to track ballots from when they are dispatched to when they are counted.

Democrats: “That’s just ONE case of voter fraud in Clark County, Nevada, right? It was probably just a clerical error.”

In other news, a Las Vegas man who died in 2017 also had a mail-in ballot cast in his name in the 2020 election. Clark County officials said it appears his ballot was returned by a family member.

Democrats: “That’s just TWO cases of voter fraud in Clark County, Nevada, right? They were probably just clerical errors.”

By the way, a federal judge denied an emergency motion last week from Nevada Republicans after they sued Clark County and the Secretary of State’s Office, claiming that the county’s signature verification system, Agilis, uses lower quality images than its software requires.

The lawsuit further alleged that only 30% of signatures checked by the Agilis system are verified. The rest are verified manually.

Democrats: “That’s not proof that the machine is verifying false signatures on ballots!”

Registered voter Jill Stokke of Clark County was a plaintiff in that suit and claimed that when she went to vote in person at her polling place, she was told her ballot had already been received by the election department. However, Stokke claimed she has not voted.

Democrats: “Well… Republicans are racist.”

Yes, quit your whining, Republicans. Democrats stole this election fair and square.

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