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No more “America First” in a Harris/Biden administration – especially when it comes to the survival of our citizens.

Oncologist Dr. Zeke Emanuel, one of 10 advisory board members named to Joe Biden’s coronavirus task force, co-authored a paper in September in which he encouraged officials to follow the “Fair Priority Model,” which calls for a “fair international distribution of vaccine,” rather than what he and his co-authors characterized as “vaccine nationalism.”

Who decides what’s fair? Members of the Democrat party, of course! You know, the same people who just stole an election “fair and square?”

Dr. Zeke Emanuel made his recommendation in a Science magazine article titled “An ethical framework for global vaccine allocation

Yes, who better to design an “ethical” framework than those who align themselves with the party of butchering babies?

Dr. Emanuel: “Reasonable national partiality does not permit retaining more vaccine than the amount needed to keep the rate of transmission (Rt) below 1, when that vaccine could instead mitigate substantial COVID-19–related harms in other countries that have been unable to keep Rt below 1 through ongoing public-health efforts.”

Can you put that in layman’s terms, Mock & Rob?

The model allows the country that produces the vaccine to hold onto just enough of it to reach a threshold for herd immunity. Beyond that, the country that created and paid for the vaccine would distribute it internationally.

Basically, if America develops the most-effective vaccine against Coronavirus on the American peoples’ dime, we’ll be giving away or selling doses of the vaccine before it’s available to every American citizen.

Solution: Democrats are so tremendously egalitarian and good-hearted. Why don’t you lefties give away your allotted dose of the vaccine to someone else? As it says in the Good Book, “There is no greater love than to lay down your own life for another.”

Fun Fact: Dr. Zeke Emanuel argued in a 2014 essay that it’s preferable to die before the age of 75.

Dr. Zeke Emanuel:

“Since 1960, however, increases in longevity have been achieved mainly by extending the lives of people over 60. Rather than saving more young people, we are stretching out old age,” Emanuel wrote in the Atlantic.

By the way, Non-President-Elect Joe Biden is 77.


“Mock and Rob” discussed Doc Zeke’s glorious history as a proponent of bad ideas in the clip below.