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Are you filled with an overwhelming passion to see the historic vessel that carried thousands of people to their untimely deaths?

Of course, you are!

Traveling to the place where people drowned, froze to death, got whacked on the head by giant smokestack, and then had their corpses consumed by giants sharks is a family adventure that will traumatize your children for years to come!

You’ve done Dearly Departed’s “Charles Manson Tour!”

You spent the night in Jeffrey Dahmer’s old apartment!

You even did the VIP tour of an animal processing plant!

Now sign the kids up for OceanGate Expedition’s tour of the Titanic shipwreck in a mini-submarine for the low price of $125,000 per person! Sure, it’s pricey. But you’ve got plenty of time to build that college fund back up! One weekend at the tables in Vegas and it’ll be like the money was never even gone!

According to Bloomberg: 

The nine so-called “mission specialists” allowed on each expedition—three on each dive—will pay $125,000 for an eight-day sail from St. John’s, Newfoundland. Their single dive will take six to eight hours to reach the Titanic site, explore, and return to the surface ship.

If all goes as planned, they will be among the first guests to visit the wreck in 15 years, [OceanGate President Stockton] Rush says. Covid-19 has not dampened enthusiasm for the 2021 expedition, according to the company.

During the dives, paying passengers will be regarded as citizen scientists expected to assist in a technical survey of the wreck and what Rush says is the Titanic’s debris field, which stretches 25 square nautical miles.

And if one of you or any member of your family drowns, suffocates, or suffers a fatal stroke while beneath the surface, you’ll get almost all of your money back (minus processing fees)

(*Exclusions Apply)

We don’t know whether or not Hammer and Nigel would be willing to make the trip, but we’re sure they’d be willing to send a few people around the WIBC building on the adventure.