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WASHINGTON, D.C.–Pres. Trump may have a tough time with his possible effort to take each election grievance to court. But, the system is made for it and there is time before inauguration, said Nicholas Almendares, an assistant professor with Indiana University’s law school.

“Each court challenge is about a particular thing,” said Almendares. “These 900 ballots in this one county in Pennsylvania were accepted after this one deadline,” he said, as an example.

LISTEN: Prof. Nicholas Almendares talks Trump’s court cases.

Almendares said the tedium is the reason Trump may have a tough battle. It’s because there may be many small battles.

“He said that Trump also might not get exactly what he’s looking for from the courts.

“The kinds of things a court could do, what we would call remedies, are awkward for court. Throwing out ballots doesn’t feel great. You can’t really reorder an election,” he said.

But, if the president does not want to concede, and insists on taking each case to court, Almendares said there is time.

“The system is totally comfortable with this. Joe Biden wouldn’t become president tomorrow, no matter what. We wait ’til inauguration day. So, we kind of have time to go through all this.”

He said, again, that the cases are small, and so the time through the court system may not be long.

“I haven’t seen one that’s come across the news feed that’s loke, oh this is a really throny issue that’s gonna take months and months to unravel.”

Almanderas stressed that anything could change, and there might end up being a large legal challenge, or a court could decide they’d like to hear the cases and provide a legal remedy.