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LOS ANGELES–Alex Trebek, host of Jeopardy, died this morning of pancreatic cancer. The native of Canada, announced in March 2019, that he had the disease, which has been known to be fatal in months and sometimes weeks.

The Jeopardy Twitter account confirmed the host’s death.

“Jeopardy! is saddened to share that Alex Trebek passed away peacefully at home early this morning, surrounded by family and friends. Thank you, Alex,” read the account.

“I think what makes ‘Jeopardy’ special is that, among all the quiz and game shows out there, ours tends to reward and encourage learning,” said Trebek, on the Jeopardy website. Learning is why the show won a Peabody award-for encouraging people to gain knowledge.

Trebek hosted nearly 7,000 episodes of the program, since 1984, and holds the Guiness world record for number of episodes hosted.

Alex Trebek, was 80.