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Attention Highly-Agitated Persons of the Political Persuasion: ‘Election Anxiety Syndrome’ is not a health emergency that requires a visit to the hospital.

Prior to the election, a UCSF study warned that millions of Americans were experiencing a decline in their mental health over extreme levels of anxiety related to the outcome of the 2020 election.

While we can’t officially point fingers at the party who cried on election night in 2016 and screamed at the sky for months on end, we all know who weenies are in American society. In fact, one of the doctors involved in the UCSF study called you “diarrhea induced by feelings of emotional discomfort” Democrat voters out for it just prior to the election.

“We looked at [instances of election anxiety syndrome] for 6 months before the November 2016 election and 6 months after,” said UCSF’s Dr. Renee Hsia, Professor and Associate Chair of Health Services Research of the Department of Emergency. “I think given this political climate would be considered perhaps even more polarizing than the one in 2016. It’s possible that if [a voter’s] candidate doesn’t win, they could experience mental health effects.”

Doc Hsia’s prediction was right. Prior to the election, clinical psychologist Andrea Zorbas told ABC-7 in Los Angeles that medical experts were seeing a sharp increase in ‘election anxiety syndrome.’

“They’ve talked about panic attacks, they’ve talked about feeling very depressed,” said Andrea Zorbas, Psy.D. Clinical psychologist and professor at the University of San Francisco (aka, “Liberal Land USA”)

Zorbas recommended that [adults who failed to emotionally develop beyond the age of a toddler] have a post-election plan.

“That can look like what’s my plan for election night? How can I take care of myself? Make sure that you eat. Make sure that if you choose to be around friends or family safely or virtual as some people may want to be alone,” said Zorbas with a completely serious face.


H&N Pro-Tip: If you’re suffering from “Election Anxiety Syndrome” that you believe requires medical attention (in the age of Coronavirus, no less), don’t go to the hospital. Instead, simply punch yourself in the face repeatedly. Our grandparents stormed the beaches of Normandy. You can handle a little election stress without clogging up our emergency rooms. Many thanks!

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