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Governor Holcomb says he will not be moving the state back to Stage 1 after rumors circulated he would do so after the election.

During Wednesday’s press briefing, newly reelected Holcomb addressed the rumors that he would take the state back to stay-at-home orders due the spike of coronavirus numbers here in Indiana.

The ISDH reported a record-breaking number of 3,756 Hoosier’s testing positive on Wednesday.

Holcomb said these rumors were misleading Hoosiers and his decision had nothing to do with the election results.

“We’re making decisions based on the common good. It has zero to do with political capital or election results with me.”

The governor went on to add statewide restrictions would not be as effective as taking a regional approach. He believes a more localized approach when outbreaks occur is the best plan of action.

The state will remain in Stage 5 for the time being.