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The lack of confidence in Mayor Joe Hogsett’s administration is palpable as you walk the streets of downtown Indianapolis Tuesday.

Sheets of plywood cover new windows that were replaced after last summer’s riots. Downtown workers – if they bothered to show up at all today – are planning to leave early.  Many residents in the area claim they’ll stay with friends and relatives until they’re confident it’s “safe to return.”

If President Donald Trump secures re-election, it’s all but inevitable that riots and protests will follow. The fact that downtown Indianapolis businesses are taking precautions is a bold statement about the violent nature inherent in the modern-day Democrat Party.

It’s also a statement about the city of Indianapolis’s complete and total lack of faith in the competency of Mayor Joe Hogsett, says WIBC host Tony Katz.


“We don’t like the election results, so we’re going to burn down a city. That’s what the city of Indianapolis is worried about. No sense of calm from Mayor Hogsett or the City-County Council. Stores boarded up.

“And what do they say? ‘This is Trump’s America.’

“You dopes, don’t you know we see you? We know you’re full of crap. We know you’re lying.

“You have allowed violence to take hold, Mayor Hogsett.

“We had two days of riots in Indianapolis and a Mayor who did nothing. He’s guilty. Joe Hogsett is guilty and everyone knows that he’s guilty. Everyone knows that Joe Hogsett is incapable.

“And if the city burns tonight, it will be because of Joe Hogsett. It will be because of a city-county council that will not fight to keep the city safe.

“I don’t want the city to burn, but they’re boarding up, Mayor Hogsett, because the business owners and residents of Indianapolis have no faith in you. I assume that didn’t keep you up last night, however. If you can sleep through a riot in your city, I’m quite confident you had no trouble getting in your REM cycles last night either.” 

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