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Police in British Columbia say a woman fell through a restaurant ceiling while attempting an elaborate ‘dine & dash’ that played out like a scene from the 80s classic, “The Breakfast Club.”

The best part? The woman fell DIRECTLY in front of law enforcement officers. Even better, it was all captured on surveillance video.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police released the footage Thursday of the March incident where the suspect attempted to crawl through a ceiling vent in a bathroom to get out of paying the bill.

Incidentally, the restaurant did not press charges against the woman because of her “life circumstances and struggles.”

Plus, you really can’t afford to alienate a customer and risk a bad Yelp review in a post-lockdown economic climate.

H&N ‘Dine & Dash’ Pro-Tips:

  • Inform other guests at the table of your intention to skip out on the bill PRIOR to dining.
  • Plan your exit route before being seated.
  • Ensure the chosen restaurant in which you intend to commit your crime is in no way affiliated with the mafia.
  • Never pull a ‘dine & dash’ on the first date (*Exception may apply if dining with Rob Kendall).
  • Request your Uber at least 15 minutes in advance and confirm the driver is on the premises prior to making a run for it.
  • Tip generously.

Hammer and Nigel have more recommendations for a safe and successful ‘dine & dash” in the clip below.