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What’s a U.S. election season these days without a little censorship of conservatives by angry fascists pretending to fight fascism?

So-called “progressives” – a term which frequently defines individuals with a non-functioning pre-frontal cortex – are on track to lose yet another election in 2020. They’re very worried about that too.

They’re so worried, in fact, that they’re back to their favorite form of censorship: going after mid-level conservatives on social media platforms and Wikipedia.

Why censor conservatives? Because we intimidate them. Progressives are too dumb to win a debate on their own merits (or without the aid of talking points), so prevent the debate from ever taking place! (See Nancy Pelosi’s suggestion that Biden refuse to debate Trump for more insight and information).

The Chicks on the Right have been public enemy #1 in recent weeks at the main office of the “Foundation for Progressives, Political Propagandists, and Bedwetters.” Mock and Daisy tell their story in the clip below.