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Are you sick of pleasant and relaxing meals at restaurants with your family and loved ones?

Are you tired of spending $60-$70 dollars per plate for a 5-star dining experience that DOESN’T include complimentary harassment from random strangers?

Looking to add a little acid indigestion and public humiliation to that steak and potatoes Au gratin?

If so, friend, then the all-new tableside intimidation political coercion service from Black Lives Matter D.C. is just what you’re looking for!

All this month, Black Lives Matter will be offering diners in the D.C. area an up-close and personal encounter with the political rage mob that masquerades as a movement founded for the benefit of the black community while simultaneously funneling all their donations to far-left progressives and socialist causes.

Just look at the joy on this young man’s face as he’s badgered to within an inch of his life by one of Black Lives Matter D.C.’s most passionate and intrusive supporters:

Yes, Black Lives Matter D.C. protestors are professionally trained experts in the art of intimidation and they’re coming to YOU at no charge, so raise that fist, fellow diners! Together, we’ll build a more violent future for our children!

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