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Students at multiple universities are circulating petitions demanding cuts to their tuition fees as many schools opt for online teaching or abandon plans to reopen in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Schools have recently started to accept new students back, but controversies immediately plagued reopening plans as freshmen classes at several schools ignored quarantine and distance rules.

What WIBC host Tony Katz would like to understand is why students and their parents continue to pay outrageous tuition fees in an era of so many options for virtual learning.


“The idea of what four years will cost doesn’t seem to offer any value to the student, and we don’t know how long we are going to be in this virtual hellscape.

“But maybe that’s just the future. Maybe my kids will be better off doing a year or two of virtual learning while working a job and then they can finish up somewhere. Maybe that’s a better option than four years at a ridiculous cost.

“Maybe better to do two years at Ivy Tech. Who knows? Maybe that degree can get you the gig, the good, solid-paying job, or create the opportunity to build that business. But it could also then be the springboard to more years and reducing the debt in half for what you would be at a traditional college.”

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