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SPEEDWAY, Ind.–People who are truly dedicated to seeing the Indy 500 and did not want to miss the experience at IMS, formed a sort of fan commune in front of the track, along 16th St., in the parking lots.

“We’re gonna be as close as we can possibly be,” said Brian Hargrave. Nobody likes the situation that it is. But, we’re gonna make the best of it and support the 500 even though we’re outside the fences.”

No one was allowed to park in the lots, so they lined up their cars and trucks outside the roped off lots, lining 16th and the connecting streets.

This is number 30 for me and I just couldn’t fathom watching it on TV,” said Michael Harper.

Some people had tents, while others said they didn’t mind cooking in the August sun to be able to actually see the cars and hear the roar of the engines.

“I actually live up in Ft. Wayne, so I drove down here just to be out here and hear the race,” said one woman. “It’s refreshing. Very refreshing.”

“You can take the people out of the race, but you can’t take the race out of the people,” said her friend, whose boyfriend is spending just his second time at the race, outside the track.

Some people had TVs and were also tuned in to radio coverage.