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WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind.–The administration at Purdue University issued a warning to its students in regards to the coronavirus pandemic: if you don’t abide by coronavirus guidelines and the Protect Purdue Pledge, you could be disciplined or possibly expelled.

The Protect Purdue Pledge is a new policy adopted by the University’s Board of Trustees as a regulation to prevent the spread of coronavirus and it will be enforced. It tells students to take action to protect themselves, others, and the community from contracting the virus by wearing a mask and practicing social distancing, among other things.

“I think it is fair,” said sophomore Abby Stoy to WISH-TV. “If you’re a student that is going to agree to that and you’re going to be stepping on campus every day, that is not only up to the university to make sure they’re doing everything they can, but it’s up to us as students. Our last semester got cut short and we don’t want to go home again.”

Purdue’s Dean of Students Katie Sermersheim issued a letter to students Wednesday.

“Plainly stated, hosting or attending gatherings and parties where social distancing is not possible and masks are not worn represent violations of the Protect Purdue Pledge; if you don’t abide by rules, there is no place for you here,” said Sermersheim. “We owe it to each other to do everything we can to manage the risk and preserve the health of our community.”

Both Notre Dame and UNC have gone to e-learning because of an increase of coronavirus linked to campus parties without social distancing and masks

“I think people need to take it just a little seriously, just for now,” added freshman Bella Medellin to WISH-TV. “It would be pretty sad. I’m really excited to be here and do on-campus learning rather than off because personally I feel I learn better if I’m physically in the classroom.”

Students are back on campus this weekend. Classes start on Monday. For now, Purdue has not said how it plans to enforce parties, especially off-campus.

The plan is to offer in-person classes until Thanksgiving.