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Do you remember way back that other time when Wuhan, China unleashed a deadly virus upon humanity resulting in thousands of deaths, overcrowded hospitals, and a “fan-less” running of the Indianapolis 500? Well, that same world-famous Wuhan, China is held themselves a bitchin’ pool party last weekend!

Swell! Infect the world and have a pool party to celebrate!

Yes, thousands of maskless aquatic enthusiasts piled into the Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park on Saturday to attend an electronic music festival, according to Agence France-Presse, and as everyone knows, nothing goes together better than water and high-voltage lighting, instruments, and amplifiers!

Images showed a pool packed with people, and no one seemed to be practicing Dr. Anthony Fauci’s recommended social distancing guidelines.

The climax of the grand event: a man in a water jet pack soar above the water in a pyrotechnics show.

Ooh! And it was ladies’ night at the Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park on Saturday!

The park offered half-price tickets for female partygoers to attract guests and draw in needed income, and 400 tourist destinations across the Hubei province are offering free entry to their sites.

Sounds like Chinese officials have a new plan for population control in their country.

Side note: You know that pool was FILLED with urine by the end of the evening.

Would you take the Wuhan theme park challenge for a chance to see your favorite band in concert?

Hammer and Nigel have more in the clip below.