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A Seattle police officer was seen on video telling a Black Lives Matter protester that he was resigning from the force, telling the protestor: “You guys won.”

The footage, which was shared on Twitter shows the unnamed officer pulling his police car up to the protester capturing the moment on video and asking, “You having a good day today?” to which the person replies, “Not really. You’re around.”

The officer responds by telling the man not to worry, because he’d be leaving the department.

“You guys won,” he says. “Two months, baby, I’m out.

Earlier this month, Seattle’s first Black police chief, Carmen Best, resigned in protest of calls for the police department budget to be slashed.

Best announced her retirement last Monday night, just hours after the City Council voted to cut her annual salary and to trim as many as 100 officers from a force of 1,400 through layoffs and attrition, according to Fox News.

WIBC host Tony Katz comments on the video in the clip below.

Photo: Matt Gush/Getty Iamges