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SHELBYVILLE, Ind. — A Greensburg man was arrested Monday in relation to sexual assault cases from the 80s.

Shelby County Prosecutor James Landwerlen said 57-year-old Steven Hessler is accused of breaking into women’s homes and sexually assaulting them. The incidents happened in Shelbyville and Shelby County between 1982 and 1985.

Landwerlen said that there were ten victims in eight different incidents.

“In some of these cases the females were home alone, in some of them there husbands were home, in some they had children in the home,” said Landwerlen.

He said in one incident the husband was tied up and beaten so badly he has permanent disabilities.

DNA samples were tested and two possible suspects were found after additional testing Hessler was identified as one of the suspects.

Landwerlen said Hessler’s DNA matches DNA at one of the scenes, and there’s a one-in-a-trillion chance it’s someone else’s DNA.

On Monday, Aug. 17, investigators arrested Hessler at his home.

He’s accused of multiple charges of rape, robbery, theft, and more.