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OLYMPIA, Wash.–In a state where no excuse mail-in ballots are the only way to vote, there is very little voter fraud, says the secretary of state for Washington State. Both Democrats and Republicans in Indiana are talking about whether an expanded version of no excuse mail-in voting is appropriate for Hoosiers.

“What we’ve seen historically is very low voter fraud or even attempts at voter fraud,” said Sec. of State Kim Wyman, talking to IndyPolitics. “In 2018, we did a check of our voter history…and we did find 142 possible cases of fraud. But, that was 142 cases out of 3.2 million ballots cast.”

Wyman said in her experience, the state has not seen what could be described as rampant fraud.

Pres. Trump has claimed on numerous occasions that mail-in voting opens the way for rampant fraud. He has been disputed by political scientists and people with experience with mail-in voting, who say there is little evidence to support the claim.

Wyman said Washington converted to mail-in voting completely in 2011, after having allowed it increasingly since the early 1980s.

“When people register to vote they provide their driver’s license, their Washington state-issued ID card or the last four of their Social Security number to verify that they are indeed a real person who’s walked into a government agency and established that they are a resident of Washington,” she said.

They also provide a signature upon registering.

“Our linchpin really is the signature of the voter that they sign, in ink, on the return envelope. We do check each of those signatures for all three to four million ballots that are returned.”

She said that election workers have up until 21 days after the election to verify and certify the results.

“If the signature doesn’t match we notify the voter that their signature doesn’t match or they forgot to sign,” she said. That way a fraud investigation can be started if need be.

She said the check of fraud claims in 2018 showed a voter fraud rate of .000044 percent.