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The conversations regarding Coronavirus and masks become increasingly convoluted and disjointed with each day.

Experts: “The purpose of the mask is to put an end to the Coronavirus.”

Public: “Okay.”

Experts: “The purpose of the shutdowns is to flatten the curve.”

Public: “Okay.”

Experts: “Do you have any questions?”

Public: “Have we flattened the curve?”

Experts: “Yes.”

Public: “But we still wear our masks?”

Experts: “Yes.”

Public: “But we can go to restaurants and take our mask off to eat?”

Experts: “Yes – as long as though restaurants are kept at half capacity and on the verge of bankruptcy.”

Public: “But I have to put my mask back on to use the restroom?”

Experts: “Correct. We can’t have you putting others at risk.”

Public: “This whole thing is very confusing and convoluted.”

Experts: “It’s government.”

Public: “Still, maybe we should talk to an expert.”

Experts: “I’ll have Surgeon General Jerome Adams call into the Tony Katz Show.”

WIBC host Tony Katz spoke with Surgeon General Jerome Adams Friday morning about the Coronavirus pandemic – specifically whether or not cloth masks are effective in preventing the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.

“The answer is yes,” Adams confirmed. “This virus spreads from person to person. So the number one thing we can do to prevent the spread is to maintain distance from each other and wear a mask.”

He continued: “In places like Texas and California where cases are continuing to go up, that doesn’t mean masks aren’t effective, that means a mask can’t overcome a bunch of people packed together in a bar, yelling at each other.

Adams told Katz he wants people to understand the connection between COVID-19 and previous pandemics.

“It’s from a family of viruses that we’ve dealt with in the past – MERS and the common cold,” he explained. “What we learned about COVID-19 that is different is that it can be spread by people who are asymptomatic, and that’s why we added on the mask mandate.”

He continued: “So too many people are making this political. So if you want to go to the 500, if you want to see the Colts play in the fall, if young people want to be able to enjoy Spring Break, then we got to take these small measures that are inconvenient but will help us get back to normal.”

The Surgeon General also weighed in on a potential nationwide mask mandate. Plus, what celebrities and social media influencers can do to help in the battle against this disease.

Click the link below to hear Tony’s full interview with Surgeon General Jerome Adams.

(Photo by Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images)