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There’s a real-life “Sesame Street” theme park near Philadelphia called Sesame Place. It’s a park of childhood wonder, memory-making, and overpriced souvenirs – worthless nicknacks that your kid will lose in the parking lot, prompting him to begin crying hysterically as your overwrought wife screams in your face, kicks a dent in your 10-year-old Caravan and announces to all within earshot, “This is all your fault, you worthless bas*ard! This marriage is a lie, you limp noodled loser! I knew I should have listened to my father. Now, where’s the fuc*ing fudge?”

Anyway, there’s this theme park called “Sesame Place” in Philadelphia and two people are facing charges after they attacked a 17-year-old employee on Sunday, because he reminded them to wear masks. The injuries to the poor kid were so severe that he wound up needing surgery on his jaw.

Investigating officers said the confrontation took place at the Captain Cookie’s High C’s Adventure ride.

Meanwhile, park officials have produced an all-new PSA in the wake of the incident. Hammer and Nigel have the exclusive audio in today’s edition of “Is This Anything?”