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MUNCIE, Ind. — Hundreds of students have had to quarantine and a school district in Delaware County has had to partially close for the time being.

Supt. Reece Mann of the Delaware Community School Corporation posted on Facebook Tuesday that the district has decided that students at Delta Middle School and Delta High School will move to an e-learning model as 228 students have had to quarantine due to exposure to coronavirus.

“Right now, it is our intention for these students to return to school, in-person, on Tuesday, August 25th,” Mann said in the post. We are hopeful that secondary students, and their families, will use this time to get well and work hard to minimize exposure over the next 14 days.”

Mann said the district is not aware of any of the students that have had to quarantine having tested positive for the virus. So far, only one student, a Delta High School football player, is known to have tested positive.

He added that these precautions are for the middle school and high school only. Elementary school students in the district will still be able to attend in-person classes.

“Besides football at the high school, all athletic events and practices for Delta Middle School and Delta High School will continue but with additional safety measures in place that will go beyond the suggested guidelines from the IHSAA,” Mann continued. “If your child is currently being quarantined, he/she may not attend sporting events until after the date we provided you in an earlier message.”

The district has had in-person classes since the started of the school year on Aug. 6, but have also had a virtual option for student unwilling or unable to attend class in-person.