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Last week, it was reported that former Vice President Joe Biden will not travel to Wisconsin this month to accept the Democratic U.S. presidential nomination during his party’s national convention because of coronavirus concerns.

The Democratic National Committee claimed the decision was made to protect Milwaukee residents as well as the many workers needed to stage a national convention.

Yes, it turns out that large gatherings of people are only protected from contracting Coronavirus when engaged in the acts of rioting and looting. Fair enough.

But WIBC host Tony Katz told his listeners Tuesday that he thinks Joe Biden’s attendance will no longer be required at any future DNC gatherings. The reason? Joe Biden will not be the Democrats’ nominee for President.


“Until there is a nomination, I don’t believe nothin’. My faith in the Democratic party is zero and I don’t know what can happen. The odds are completely against me, but I have no reason to believe that he’s going to be the nominee. And when he was delaying his VP picks, I thought, ‘Hmm… That’s interesting. Maybe there’s something to this.’ 

“Well, now he’s saying that he’s going to announce his VP pick. Okay, well a guy announcing his VP pick could very well be the nominee, but I don’t trust anything, and I don’t believe that Democrats trust Joe Biden. Now they could be running the math that says even with all of Joe Biden’s fault and foibles, they can still convince Americans that he’s better than Donald Trump. If we keep blaming Trump for the bad economy, we keep saying his Coronavirus response killed people, well then we can get anything done. 

“But as I have made the argument, this is not an economic election anymore, and I know that sounds strange. But this is going to be a law and order election.”

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