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Two groups of protesters gathered outside of City Hall on Sunday ahead of City Council’s vote Monday to defund the Seattle Police Department.

A pro-police “Back the Blue” rally was held outside of City Hall, flanked by the Seattle Police Officers Guild, which helped organize the protest.

The group is calling on the city council to employ some basic intelligence and not defund the Seattle Police Department.

One woman who spoke to media noted that “Just because we need more social programs does not mean we need to defund the SPD. We can have both. We can fund the SPD, fund crime protection, and fund law enforcement.”

David Lewis, a suspected moron, showed up to show support for defunding the police.

“What’s were saying is let’s allocate those funds, reallocate those funds, to people in industries and occupations that are trained to do so,” Lewis said. “This isn’t saying abolish the police altogether, this is saying put the funds into the organizations that actually decrease the crime that we have here. If you increase education and housing and welfare in these neighborhoods, we won’t have as much crime.”

According to local Seattle media outlets, legal experts said Friday that it appears the Seattle City Council will move forward with plans to defund the police department because the options to block such a move appear to have all been exhausted.

On the plus side, real estate in Seattle is about to become affordable for the first time in years!

WIBC host Tony Katz has more in the clip below.