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America is now debating, in earnest, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s mental state. It is obvious to both political junkies and casual observers on both sides of the aisle that Biden is not all together there. And, heading into a potential debate showdown with President Donald Trump, many wonder if he is up to the task. Democrats have openly questioned whether debates are necessary, or suggested Biden put conditions on debating. Translation: Joe Biden should not debate Donald Trump, because Joe Biden can’t be trusted on a debate stage.

CNNers like Brian Stelter are claiming that this is all a right-wing media dustup that is “far from campaign reality:”

How wrong Stelter is. (Again!) This is far more than a beltway-esqe campaign issue. Biden’s mental state, and mental issues, are a big deal to voters across the nation. But is it the only issue voters have with Biden, as was asked on Twitter?

Oh, no. When you start getting into that list, Biden’s verbal stumbles and mental lapses might be the least of the concerns for Midwest and fence-sitting voters.

Biden has given up control of his campaign to Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Watching Joe Biden with his “handlers” has people asking if he has control of his campaign. And with his desperation to win over Progressive voters, a series of statements from Sen. Bernie Sanders and his acolytes about, “having a seat at the table” and, “negotiations” between the two sides has people wondering if Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have more control than Joe does.

The Bernie and Biden camps came up with a compromise; a “blueprint” on what the Democratic platform will be. As reported by Forbes:

(Sen.) Sanders acknowledged in a statement that the document is “not what I or my supporters would have written alone,” but described the recommendations as “a good policy blueprint that will move this country in a much-needed progressive direction.”

Democrats pushed Bernie out of the primary because they didn’t want a Progressive (see; Communist) in the White House. Now, they realize that they’ll get a Commie marionette instead, with Bernie and AOC pulling the strings.

Biden is anti-2A

He used to just be in favor of horrific firearm safety, advising his wife that, in the case of a home invasion, she should walk out on to the balcony and, “….fire two blasts” with a shotgun into the air. (Not sure what the non-balcony set does.) Now, he’s working with hyper-extremist Beto O’Rourke on taking guns from law abiding Americans. When asked, point blank, if this was the plan, Biden’s response was, “Bingo!”

Biden favors government run healthcare

Biden favored Obamacare. And, lest we forget, Obamacare didn’t work. It was predicated on a lie – you can keep your doctor, and keep your plan – and raised rates instead of lowering them for Americans as promised. In the debates, he tried valiantly to stake out Obamacare as a middle ground position, (Full Disclosure: It’s not.) one that can satisfy the vast majority of Americans. (Full Disclosure: It doesn’t.)

His site says he still favors Obamacare. Well, an “expanded” Obamacare, actually. And his plan rolls back tax cuts (which have been very good for middle America, no matter what DC pundits say) and increasing the capital gains tax. But now with Bernie and AOC in charge, the “moderate” Obamacare plan is gone. Americans who have experienced the failure of Obamacare are going to be very cautious about another promise of better/faster/cheaper from those who lied to them already.

Biden doesn’t understand the threat of China

Joe Biden is desperately trying to undo the damage he did when he said China was no competition for us in May, 2019. (He also said they’re, “not bad folks.”)

As Gordon Chang said at the time, “But to say as the vice president said that they’re no competition to the US is just inexplicable.“

Now, Biden is being the tough guy. He runs ads claiming Trump “got played” by China and accuses Trump of alienating allies thus giving China more room to exert their influence on the rest of the world. That talk may work for the Trump haters, but it falls flat for Midwest fence sitters. On coronavirus, Biden has spent all of his time blaming Trump and none recognizing China’s role in the damage done to America. Yet, a recent poll shows 78% of Americans put the blame of coronavirus on China in one way or another, which shows Joe’s “tough on China” messaging is more fan-fiction than fact.

As an Ohio truck driver – a former Democrat – explained on FOX and Friends, “Why do we have to make a coil of steel in China, put it on a boat and bring it here when we developed it ? We could build it here! (Biden) seems to be very friendly with China, and they are our biggest threat. Economically, militarily and everything else.”

Biden is anti-fracking

OK. This issue doesn’t effect everyone, but it does hit people in the Midwest and western Pennsylvania, just like his push for higher CAFE standards will effect those who work for the Big Three. Manufacturing is a big issue. Energy independence is a big issue. Cheaper energy is a big issue. Jobs are a big issue. In Biden’s own words:

“No more subsidies for fossil fuel industry, no more drilling on federal lands, no more drilling including offshore, no ability for the oil industry to continue to drill,” Biden said. “Period. Ends.”

But, he has $90 billion for bringing down the price of solar, which Midwest farmers know won’t run their combine today. Higher fuel costs mean higher prices for food at the supermarket. So, actually, this issue does affect everyone. Biden’s anti-fracking position is seen in the Midwest as a job killer on multiple fronts. His push to move money to solar is seen in the Midwest as further capitulation to the Bernie/AOC/Commie wing.

Clearly, Americans have issues with Joe Biden as president that involve more than just his mental state.