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INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis woman wanted something better than what she found at the store and that’s how her quest to create the perfect almond butter began.

Revival Food Co. founder Rachel Klein’s almond butter spread began in small jars that were given away as party favors at her wedding. When she received positive reviews, she decided to give selling the almond butter a shot, with no background in business.

“I could just be a stay at home mom, and be perfectly fine with that, and there’s nothing wrong with that,” Klein told Inside Indiana Business. “But there was always, just this little voice that’s like, ‘Just try one more time.'”

She began selling the almond butter at the Indianapolis Farmer’s Market, then the shelves of Market District stores, and then at Kroger, but Klein wanted more.

Last fall, she took her almond butter to a national food show and caught the eye of Walmart’s national buyer for nut butter and spreads.

Then in February Walmart said they wanted to place the Revival products in 400 stores.

“I’m like, great. Yeah, we could do like 300 to 400 stores. Inwardly I’m thinking, I’ve never like been in that many stores before, but I’m gonna figure it out,” said Klein. “That’s one of my mottos. You just say yes. And figure it out later.”

In June, Walmart told Klein her products would be in 1,000 stores. The company now has a California copacker and a shipper to take care of the large volume spreads for Walmart’s orders.

“I feel so unbelievably grateful, you know, I mean this is the dream.”